Vivod & Sarah Brown Project

Welcome to the Vivod & Sarah Brown Project. This is my equivalent of the Julie & Julia French Cookery book project where I will aim to cook my way through "The Complete Vegetarian Cookbook" by Sarah Brown.

I was annoyed at myself for having the urge to cook and so in turn buying cookery books on a regular basis but then never actually taking the time to learn to cook more than a couple of recipes from each book. I want to learn new techniques and I want to eat healthier foods. By doing this I hope that I will achieve these things over the course of the project.

I chose this book from my collection because of its diverse range, excellent photography, and easily obtainable ingredients. There are some good basics within the book as well as some more adventurous recipes and by the time I have completed it I should be a pretty good cook!

These are the recipes, those in purple have been cooked on the date indicated:

Fresh pear compote with apricots and prunes
Toasted muesli
Blueberry muffins
American pancakes (29th June 2013)
Layered mushroom and olive bake
Carrot, apple and celery juice
Spiced mango juice
Tomato, cucumber and watercress juice
Banana and almond milk
Savoury smoothie
Tofu and strawberry with vanilla

Soups and Starters:
Avocado gazpacho
Basic vegetable stock
Dark mushroom stock
Red lentil soup with cumin (03/01/13)
Chowder with sweet potato
Puy lentil and mushroom soup
Roasted yellow pepper soup
Spiced Gumbo
Carrot and parsnip soup with coconut and tamarind
Chickpea and celery soup with gremolada
Oriental mushroom soup with chilli and ginger
Celeriac and emmental soup
Caramelised onion soup with brandy
Country vegetable broth with barley (28/10/13)
Chilled bean soup
Chilled melon soup with wine and honey
Glazed nectarines with dolcelatte
Griddled leeks and asparagus with cream cheese dressing
Grilled chicory with two cheeses
Poached vegetables with herbs and wine
Oranges with red onion and black olives in sherry dressing
Savoury choux with avocado and pesto
Oyster mushroom and roast almond pate
Green olive tapende
Roasted aubergine and garlic dip
Spiced vegetable fritters
Roasted peanut and coriander sambal

Light Meals:
Herb souffle
Stuffed italian tomatoes with red pesto and morrarella
Giant mushrooms stuffed with wild rice and roasted onions
Baked tofu with button mushrooms
Caponata of roasted vegetables
Leek and potato cakes with gruyere
Scrambled egg (22/12/2012)
Poached egg
Leek and fennel frittata
Kuku with spinach
Baked eggs with mozzarella and fresh tomatoes (28/12/12)
Broccoli and stilton roulade
Asparagus and pea fricassee with eggs
Wholemeal pancakes
Buckwheat pancakes
Roquefort and celeriac pancakes
Mushroom and goat's cheese pancakes
Cooked salsa with chilli
Black beans
Refried black beans
Salsa mexicana (03/01/13)
Huevos rancheros
Basic pizza base (28/12/12)
Three flour pizza base
Classic tomato pizza topping (28/12/12)
Garlic oil
Pest, plum tomato and black olive pizza
Cheese and tomato pizza (28/12/12)
Mushroom pizza
Saffron onion pizza
Spinach and chilli calzone
Quick scone pizza with grilled vegetables and gruyere
Quick baked beans
Baked potatoes
Baked pasta gratin with fresh sweetcorn
Tofu fritters
Quick nut nuggets

Main Courses:
Tagliatelle with fennel and fresh herbs 
Basic pasta
Sage butter
Lightly spiced tomoto sauce
Roast garlic butter
Mushroom sauce with wine and herbs
Gorgonzola sauce with walnuts
Mushroom and olive ravioli
Pasta with saute vegetables and mascarpone
Ricotta, pesto and herb ravioli
Pasta with roasted fennel and patty pans
Pasta with spinach, shiitake mushrooms and tofu
Lentil lasagne
Broccoli and mushroom lasagne with almonds
Polenta cheese squares
Baked polenta with rich tomato and mascarpone sauce
Rosemary polenta with aubergine and dolcelatte
Potato gnocchi
Mushroom risotto with tarragon
Risotto with roasted squash
Sesame millet with pan-fried courgettes, asparagus and avocado cream
Red rice with pan-fried squash, mushrooms and pecan nuts
Bulgar with roasted aubergine, yellow pepper and red onion
Layered bulgar with tomatoes and feta
Green rice with chilli (10/03/2013)
Paella with many vegetables (30/10/2013)
Almond and lemon pilaf
Spiced mushroom rice
Wild rice with hazelnuts, carrots and artichokes
Couscous with spiced tofu and mixed pepper sauce
Buckwheat with leeks and wild mushrooms
Millet pilaf with pine nuts
Red bean and lentil chilli
Sweet potato stew
Broad bean and chickpea tagine
Cider casserole and new potatoes
Country casserole with spiced cheese dumplings (30/12/12)
Tofu goulash with aubergines and mushrooms
Chickpea curry (02/01/13)
Spinach and new potato curry with coconut
Tomato raita with cumin
Mixed lentil dhal (21/01/13)
Spiced cauliflower and green beans
Wholemeal shortcrust pastry
Spinach and lentil turnovers
Enriched shortcrust pastry
Griddled courgette quiche with pine nuts
Quick flaky pastry
Chestnut and cep single crust pie
Choux pastry
Artichoke and red pepper gougere
Leek and feta parcels
Filo pie with double mushrooms and goat's cheese
Potato and leek boulangere
Sweet potato and courgette gratin
Roasted pecan and cashew loaf (23/12/2012)
Lentil bake with red pepper
Spiced hazelnut and quinoa bake
Almond croustade with chard
Fresh sweetcorn cobbler
Cottage pie
Celeriac and almond crumble
Stir-fry vegetables with cashews and chilli
Stir-fry vegetables and tofu with sesame marinade
Stir-fry vegetables with golden coconut sauce
Stir-fry with chinese sauce
Stir-fry with japanese sauce
Sweet and sour sauce
tempura vegetables
Satay sauce

Side Dishes, Sauces and Relishes:
Roasted root vegetables with caraway
Cabbage and cumin
Lemon-glazed celeriac
Stir-fry shredded leeks with tarragon
Pan-fried cauliflower
Butternut squash and carrot puree with nutmeg and mascarpone
Mushroom ragout
Classic white sauce
Buttered shallot and wine sauce
Mushroom sauce
Very easy tomato sauce
Pinto bean and red onion salsa with cumin
Leek and cashew suace
Roasted red pepper coulis
Cucumber relish with chilli and lemon
Red onion marmalade with coriander

Chicory and beetroot with mustard dressing 
Marinated bean salad
Classic tabbouleh
Beetroot and green salad with couscous (29th June 2013)
Greek potato salad
Pasta salad
Smoked tofu and water chestnut salad with oriental dressing
Spiced rice salad with mango and cashews
Griddled vegetables with brie
Gado gado
Avocado and pistachio salad
Fennel and red pepper salad with lemin and oregano dressing
Green garden salad
Robust tomato salad
Red cabbage and black grape salad with orange vinaigrette
Carrot and kohlrabi with pumpkin seeds
Roasted peppers with basil vinaigrette
Fruity vinaigrette
Roasted walnut vinaigrette
Lemon and sunflower vinaigrette
Green vinaigrette
Tahini dressing
Low calorie creamy dressing
Silken tofu dressing

Cakes, Puddings and Bread:
Plum crisp
Carrot cake with orange cream icing
Classic rich fruit cake
Upside down apple cake with maple syrup and lemon (28/10/2013)
Delux chocolate and prune refrigerator cake (09/03/2013)
Pistachio cake
All-in-one banana loaf
Very lemon wedges
Raisin and almond flapjack
Apricot lattice
Ricotta cheesecake
Layered fruit pavalova
Strawberry yoghurt ice (25/03/2013)
Carob or chocolate mousse
Quick berry brulee
Grilled peaches with ginger cream
low-fat cream
Wholemeal bread
Enriched white bread
Gluten free bread
Soda bread (27/10/2013)
Griddle bread
Savoury cheese corn bread

Cucumber and orange cooler with mint
Pineapple punch
Tofu kebabs
Haloumi, sweet onion and apple kebabs
Sweetcorn with herb, shallot and olive butter
Stuffed mushrooms with walnuts and sun dried tomatoes
Sliced aubergine with yoghurt dip
Mixed vegetable platter
Vegetable marinade
Onion plait with mustard seeds
Watercress roulade with asparagus and creme fraiche
Cheese and potato pasties
Blueberry summer pudding
Mediterranean galette
Stuffed vine leaves with spiced bulgar
Layered vegetable terrine
Red pepper and parmesan filo triangles
Asparagus tartlets
Spiced new potatoes with a sharp cream dip
Roasted almonds with shoyu
Fresh tomato and basil topping
Roasted walnut and black olive topping
Twice baked goat's cheese souffles with tomato sauce and walnuts
Tarte tatin with roasted mediterranean vegetables
New potatoes with pesto
Garden salad with green olive dressing
Mascarpone and amaretti ice
Grilled nectarines with raspberry coulis
Cream of fennel soup with saffron
Hot red cabbage beets
Wild rice and mushroom brioche
Roast shallots with almonds
Lemon brulee
Chestnut and chocolate petits fours 


  1. Good luck with this. I'm just revisting her fab cashew nut paella. Keep cooking! But what happened to Sarah?

    1. Cashew nut paella sounds delicious! I have now resumed cooking, thanks for your support. No idea what happened to Sarah but hopefully she is still churning out fantastic recipes, apart from the apple cake all of these have turned out well so far and the apple cake disaster was my fault!