Monday, 30 July 2012


I was going to write about my weekend but that can wait. I wanted to tell you about my children because one thing that has become apparent to me over the past 12 months is how relationships with your children change completely as they grow up. 

To child #3 I am mum aka cleaner, butler, nurse, teacher, handy-girl, lego builder, purchaser, and cook (amongst other things). He's a boy, and this seems to also mean that I am somewhat there to supply cuddles on demand and, in his eyes, I am his and no one else's. We talk about sweets, school, fast cars, scary monsters and toys. He dresses up a as a pirate to watch a film, or comes shopping as Ben 10, this never ceases to amuse me. He regularly tells me he hates me when I use the word 'no' but then he draws me pictures with 'I love you mummy xoxo' written on them. He makes me want to scream sometimes, but he makes me melt with overwhelming love on other days. Its wonderful.

To child #1 I am something entirely different. We've had some tough times but I think it is safe to say we are pretty close these days. I am still 'mum' (sometimes referred to as 'mummy' or 'mother-dear' or, on bad days, something far worse) but mum to child #1 is something very different. I'm still the cleaner to some extent, but also counsellor, taxi, referee, funding officer, police officer, and oracle. She claims that I am different to most parents. I doubt this to be honest but I am glad she thinks so. She too causes me stress, but less so these days, and is the reason I have been up until 2am on a number of occasions (I assume this will get worse as she gets older too). Our relationship is very different. We talk about everything, and it really is a too way thing. She will listen to my bad day with the same intent that I listen to hers. She's very independent and I love this about her, but that means she often goes off to stay with friends for a night or two and then I miss her. The best thing about child #1 is that even when she's away she keeps in touch. Texts me to tell me anything that excites her, and texts me with personal dilemma's for advice (not that my advice is always that great). She's a dreamer too, and I fuel this because, in my view, you can achieve anything as long as you want it for the right reasons, and it is the latter I keep my eye on.

Child #2 is somewhere between this at the moment, and she may always be. She's the most independent of them all. She wants to join the armed forces, possibly as a medic, and be away for months on end. The thought horrified me until a friend of hers commented 'So you just want to protect people and make them better then?', and child #2 replied 'well...yes'. What more could I ask for? She doesn't talk to me about anything and so I am left to keep up with her personal trials and tribulations via child #1, whom she does seem to talk to more (this fact I love). I never really know what she is thinking either and she answers in one word sentences if I ask. The most amazing thing about child #2 is her commitment to anything she decides to do. She does this far better than me. She sees everything through until the end. She understands that sometimes you have to ride out the mundane periods to get to the exciting bits. I never understood this until I was in my mid 20s. She goes off with the cadets for days on end quite regularly, without any contact and I miss her. I long for the closeness that I have with Child #1 but I have to except that I may never get that with her. Time will tell. She does have a wicked sense of humour though, and can make me laugh so much.

So that's what's in the nest. They are all unique with strong opinions. They are my reasons for getting through the bad times. They inspire and drive me in ways they don't realise. They make me smile.

I promise I'll move back on the day to day stuff next time and maybe show you my re-vamped mirror!

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Bread Pudding

Well, following my vow of re-organisation, when the shopping arrived yesterday morning I made a start by clearing out the food cupboards and fridge freezer as I unpacked. Inevitably this led to lots of sighing about wasted food etc etc. Feeling a little creative (and hungry) I looked at the stack of stale bread rolls and crusts. Moments later, with a little help from google I was well on the road to creating some traditional bread pudding. I've never made it before and was a bit concerned as I didn't have brown sugar only deme whatsit stuff. However, I was pleasantly surprised at how scrummy they were, and needless to say, no sooner had I put this plate in the living room...they if by magic!

Did a bit of shopping yesterday too, firstly for a BMX for Child #3, who will be seven very soon. It was all rather expensive but he is worth it. I then of course had a bit of bribery power to force him into TK Max shopping.  I love that shop, mostly because of the homeware section that never fails to bring me something unique, and yesterday was no exception. Firstly we found these (Child #1 and I are BIG Marmite lovers) so I got a little jug and she got a cereal bowl...

And I also found these gorgeous colourful lovely drawers:

Of course my 'Oh so sensible' Child #1 commented 'What are you going to put in them though? They are so small..?' Sometimes I wonder who is the adult and who is the child in our house! Why can she not understand that I bought them simply because I like them...who cares what I will use them for!  

(So what am I going to put in them then?)

Ok...confession time. The final shop stop was B&Q...for staples! I give in. Of course now I will find the original ones somewhere!

Friday, 27 July 2012


I know I have them. They are in a little white tub. Loads of them. Where though? Much of yesterday was spent looking for staples, or moaning about the fact that I can't find the staples. Or moaning that the house is disorganised, and I am now wasting valuable time trying to locate the staples! I have vowed to re-organise as a consequence. 

So why do I need these staples then? Well I have four dining room chairs to re-upholster (one of which is half done - until I ran out of damn staples in the gun!). I am also itching to begin my next project which is the revamping of an old mirror that was left in my house when I bought it. All will be revealed once I have found those staples! Child #1 suggested...'Why not just buy more?' She clearly has no concept of my attempts at focusing on causes of problems rather than symptoms! In reality, though, I may well give in today and just buy them.

I did visit my favourite local crafty/fabricy/wooly shop yesterday to purchase foam, patchwork suitable fabric and more wool for the ripple blanket. I had child #2 in tow, who doesn't often come shopping with me. She was therefore a little surprised to see how well known I was in the wool shop and shocked that the woman who served me knew exactly what I was buying the wool for. Child #2 turned to me, open mouthed, and said 'Mum!...just how often do you come here???!'. I chose to avoid the question! Well at least I have enough wool now to continue with my gorgeous ripples...

Now...where ARE those staples!!

Tuesday, 24 July 2012


Just a quick post today to show off my gorgeous hanging baskets. I only noticed how nice they were today because I actually have to water then this week since the rain stopped! Whilst I grumbled about the weather it seems the rain managed to do quite a good job on these and I now feel rather nervous about having the watering responsibility back again!

Aren't they beautiful! I take no credit for them at all though...they are solely the work of B&Q! Maybe I will create my own next year though?